(1751-1752) Proposals to conserve the names Thermopsis lanceolata and Sophora lupinoides with conserved types (Leguminosae)

出版物类型Journal Article
作者:ZhuXiang-yun, Jr., JHKirkbri
卷:55(4): 1027-1052

(1751) Thermopsis lanceolata R. Br. in Aiton, Hort.Kew., ed. 2, 3: 3. Oct-Nov 1811 [Dicot.: Legum.],nom. cons. prop.Typus: Sibiria: in regionibus transbaikalensibus,Pallas (BM No. 000629959), typ. cons. prop.(1752) Sophora lupinoides L., Sp. Pl. 374. 1 Mai 1753[Dicot.: Legum.], nom. cons. prop.Typus: Kamchatka, Pallas (BM No. 000617004),typ. cons. prop.

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