A New Species of Bolbitis (Bolbitidaceae) from Hainan, China

出版物类型Journal Article
作者:Faguo, W, Fuwu, X
期刊:Novon: A Journal for Botanical NomenclatureNovon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature

During preparation of the account of Bolbitidaceae for the Flora of China, it was noticed that specimens of Bolbitis Schott, collected from Hainan Island, China, differed from other known species in Bolbitidaceae. This species, Bolbitis changjiangensis F. G. Wang & F. W. Xing, is herein described and illustrated as new. Its affinities and differences with the related species are discussed. This new species differs from its congeners by having a short erect rhizome; lateral pinnae in two to four pairs, without spines in the sinuses; and dimorphic fertile leaves. SEM observation of the spores of the new species and B. subcordata (Copeland) Ching shows distinct difference in spore morphology.

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