A New Species of Isodon (Lamiaceae, Nepetoideae) from Yunnan Province, Southwest China

出版物类型Journal Article
作者:Xiang, C-L, De Liu, E-
期刊:Systematic BotanySystematic Botany
关键词:Isodon wui, subtribe Isodoninae, taxonomy, Tribe Ocimeae, trichome morphology


Isodon wui (Lamiaceae), from Mt. Jiaozi in Yunnan province, is newly described and illustrated. The new species is morphologically most similar to <named-content content-type="genus-species">I. irroratus</named-content> but is smaller and has narrowly ovate (vs. ovate) leaves and leaf surfaces with unicellular, eglandular (vs. clavate, glandular) trichomes. The new species differs from <named-content content-type="genus-species">I. irroratus</named-content> in geographical distribution by occurring in central Yunnan instead of northwestern Yunnan and Sichuan. Features of the new species pertaining to leaf surface anatomy, pollen morphology, and geographical distribution are described, and a key to all 42 species of Isodon in Yunnan province is provided.
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